my personality type is INFP

Most things I read about my personality type (or any for that matter) tend to stay on the positive side.


Since I’m a person who likes to reflect, I decided to look up some of the negative aspects.  I stumbled across this forum discussing all of this.

“Oh, the ironies of being an INFP…

That strong emotional center lets you coax yourself through things that would strike abject terror into the heart of anyone else, yet, at the same time, you break out in a nervous sweat whenever someone expresses even the slightest bit of disapproval in you.

Your potent optimism lets you find the silver lining amongst the stormclouds when it comes to other people’s problems, but when it comes to your own, your total pessimism blinds you to anything but the flash and the thunder.

Your empathy lets you be the Rock that others depend on for their sanity, the Glue that keeps a group of contrasting personalities together, the Sage whose advice spurns others towards action, the Nurturer that brings the best out of anyone, and the Leader who brings all these qualities together, giving others the means to really make their dreams come true. Your apathy keeps you from ever really grasping any of these roles, inclining you instead to undersell yourself and mire in despair while your own dreams slip away from you, day by day.

You constantly feel out of place in a world that doesn’t work the way the storybooks and nursery rhymes say it should, and that doesn’t work with your values system at all and seems constantly rigged to disappoint you at every turn, allowing you brief flashes of happiness only to twist the screws a little harder. And yet, despite that, you still soldier on, why, you don’t know, but you’ll be god damned if you’re going to quit this late in the game.

Also you would be totally awesome in the sack, but, well, how many people know that?”


A lot of the things said in this thread hit the nail right on the head (the last line in that exerpt also made me laugh)

Anyway, thought I would share, and I’d like to keep a record of this so I can look back on it.


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